African Rooibos

African Rooibos

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Also known by its English translation, Redbush, this “red tea”, is grown only in South Africa. Rooibos is caffeine free, low in tannins, and high in antioxidants, thus making it beneficial to your body’s health and well being. Rooibos has been used to aid headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, and premature aging. When brewed, Rooibos produces a reddish amber cup that has a milder flavor than black tea with no after taste. 

No Caffeine.

Brewing Instructions:
1tsp/6oz of rolling boiling water (220°F)
Steep 3-5mins or longer for stronger taste.
2oz yields 50+ cups of tea!

(Note: It is not truly tea because it is not derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is an herbal tisane.)



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